Ides of August? Skype Down, Schwab Down, Sifry Out, Furrier Out, Facebook Shuffles

by Marianne Richmond on August 16, 2007

Dave Sifry announced his resignation from Technorati today. John Furrier at PodTech.announced that James McCormick would be the new CEO. Skype has been down all day; while online trading at Charles Schwab’s site and  the telephones were down all morning according to Eric Savitz at Barrons. Coincidentally the stock market.was also down. Again.

Yesterday, there was a little management shift at Facebook.. Kara Swisher called it a corporate two-step but then noted today that the dancers were all men.

Is there a meaning in all of this beyond roller coaster tycoon?

 Jason Calacanis says he hears a pop (mini pop) and believes the 4th quarter is going to be ugly in Web 2.0 land. Henry Blodget posts that the stock market correction that we seem to be in will make venture capitalists more circumspect in their investments and fuel advertising spending other words.

 Om Malik , Stephen Baker at Blogspotting, and Pete Cashmore at Mashable among others blame Google Blog Search. for the problems at Technorati. Michael Arrington takes Sifry to task for his apparent lack of empathy for the eight dismissed Technorati employees and self appointment as a great leader.

Well, he did have a little habit of viewing Technorati as the President of the Blogosphere as he proclaimed the State of the Blogosphere not once but twice a year. Not sure about his concern for the eight employees, although he did express it. And he expressed it as a human being, "today we also say goodbye to eight of our team members.;" not in the corporate vernacular of "restructuring" or "downsizing".

I have had ongoing problems with Technorati on my blog with tag indexing, links, and the latest, Technorati Authority and never received a reasonable explanation as to why I was always" losing links in this 90 day cycle." Finally I stopped looking until my move from Typepad to WordPress caused me to confront the mess once more. And yes, quite a mess it was courtesy of Typepad’s url and Technorati’s….uh, math?

Given that Technorati keeps lowering my authority, and this Technorati vested authority counts for a lot on lists that I am never on (not even the Z-list) I will unauthoritatively continue to question Technorati’s authority and algorithm.

Technorati measures inbound links that their "spiders" happen to find and calls it authority. Well, actually, Technorati tells us how much authority our blogs have. And does anyone else have a problem with that?

As Mary Hodder, formerly of Technorati, expressed in her authoritative series on link counts and blog search several years ago (hey, I can have an opinion on authority on my blog just as well as everyone else) ,

"What I love is that people who read blogs are assessing them over time to see how to take a blogger and their work. But more recently, as I said, I’m seeing these poorly done reports floating around by PR people, communications companies, journalists, advertising entities and others trying to score or weight blogs. And after hearing the degree to which people are upset by the obtuseness of the top counts, and because they do want to monetize their blogs or be included into influencer ranks, I’m at the point where I’d like to consider making something that we agree to, not some secretly held metric that is foisted upon us."

OK, so….is this the Ides of August? Well, are there any Delphic Oracles in the blogosphere?

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Student August 17, 2007 at 12:23 am

Lithuania are without skypefrom tommorow (2007. 08.17) it is whery whery big problem!!!! I cant to work without skype 🙁

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