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by Marianne Richmond on November 22, 2007

Ike Piggot tagged me with the following meme via Kami Huyse: Who had a big influence on you and how did that affect the direction of your life or career?" 

Ah, such strenuous thinking for a Thanksgiving morning just might require the invocation of Ike’s own  blog principle, straight to the point.

So, here goes...My Mom and my Dad

My Dad: Although my dad passed away the summer after I graduated from college, his influence might just be stronger today than it was then; or at least my appreciation of the strength of his influence is stronger today.  In a sense I think that there is nothing like raising our own children to heighten the appreciation of our own parents.

My Dad was such an entrepreneur that while stationed on Guam during WWII he managed to start a business selling beach towels imprinted with "Guam USAF". When he got home from the war he started his own business that allowed him to teach the lessons of success and failure and the grace of both.

 Importantly, his thinking was always so creative and so ahead of the time he lived, I sometimes wonder what he would have done with the technology we have today. For sure, he was a "never met a stranger" kind of guy…he would have loved the social, of social media.

My Mom: I am thankful on this Thanksgiving Day to be able to spend time with my 95 year old mom who is still around to exercise her influence. She is the bravest person that I have ever met having been faced with a laundry list of physical challenges about which she rarely complained or even mentioned. I complain a lot so her influence was minimal I am afraid in that context; on the other hand if the overall lesson was perseverance, I am pretty sure I got that part.

There have been teachers and bosses, peers and friends who have influenced my decisions through a range of techniques: listening, example, kicks in the rear,  but I am quite sure that the biggest influence was the one from home.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Kare Anderson November 22, 2007 at 5:39 pm

In life as in art it is often where you draw the line.

Your post captures the power of praising the best side in others.

Most likely way to bring out the happier, higher-performing side – in others.
Kudos on this idea-packed site.

n a civilization when love is
gone we turn to justice and when
justice is gone we turn to power
and when power is gone we
turn to violence.

Opportunity is often inconvenient.

Remember the many
compartments of the heart,
the seed of what is
possible. So much of who
we are is defined by
the places we hold for each
other. For it is not our ingenuity
that sets us apart, but our
capacity for love, the
possibility our way will
be lit by grace. Our hearts
prisms, chiseling out the
colors of pure light.
~ ~ ~

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