How I Got SMaRT

by Marianne Richmond on February 18, 2008

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And if you want to get SMaRT* too, please take a look:

Last week I wrote that I was re-committing to blogging. This week I am sustaining the effort, pun intended.

A few months ago Mary Hunt, noted authority on marketing to women and author of In Women We Trust and a blog with the same name, asked Toby Bloomberg and me to join her in launching a new blog, Smart Solutions for Sustainable Businesses and help enlist the power of social media to amplify the blog’s message: Standards is smart; no standards is not smart…..

“The marketplace is moving from “Green” to “Sustainable” to “Prove it” – this is a greenwash-free world where Product Life Cycle Assessments and Third Party Audits are the norm. Smart Solutions is about who is doing the best job, what standards do investors care about and what will consumers trust?

Everything will be openly discussed in this blog. We’ve reached out to market developers, operational experts, business leaders and consumer advocates – all working to create a sustainable planet as well as a sustainable new, global economy.”

Please take a moment to visit Smart Solutions for Sustainable Business . Mary Hunt is the editor and the contributing editors, Denny Darragh , Ginny Dyson , Mike Italiano , Diane MacEachern, Doug Pierce, Coral Rose , Leanne Tobias are discussing the relevant issues, sustainable mortgage based securities, sustainable marketing, sustainability in the corporate culture at new standards of excellence.

To say Mary is passionate about this would be an understatement…..check out her site, Ecolutionary Selling e-book on Ecolutionary Selling.

Also you can catch her speaking at Blogher Busines 08 , NYC in April. Toby will be presenting at Blogher Business also as will Yvonne Divita, Susie Gardner (check out her new book!) and lots of other really smart women.

Mary’s passion is contagious and thanks to her expertise (and patience) I have gone from, “Well yes I care about green” to understanding what it is I need to care about and importantly how to tell green from greenwash.

So, Toby and I will be adding our marketing focused voices to the Sustainable Products Blog soon.

C’mon over and join the conversation!

*The Institute for Market Transformation to Sustainability (MTS) is a non-profit public charity of leading environmental groups, governments, and companies working to achieve 90% sustainable products market penetration and stop irreversible climate change, by 2015.

In response to the need for quantifiable and verifiable Sustainable Standards, MTS developed SMaRT (Sustainable Materials Rating Technology). The standard is based on product Life Cycle Assessment across the product’s entire supply chain. Once documentation is gathered, Third Party Auditors review it for accuracy before certification is issued. For more on MTS go here.

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