HP:Your Customers Think You Are Hiding {The Atlantis and Apollo Motherboard Issue}

by Marianne Richmond on February 18, 2008

As Toby noted in her post Social Media Means Nothing If Your Internal Processes are Broken, HP has over 50 blogs. Quite a commitment to social media one would think. So what would be the value of social media to a company like HP? Visibility perhaps?

When we present to our clients or prospective clients about the value of social media we emphasize among other things the value of listening to customers, building relationships based upon transparency, and learning what is important to customers.

Shel Israel has a great interview with Michael Dell, who was able to snatch victory from the jaws of social media defeat, commonly known as Dell Hell. However, there has to be a real commitment to listening and building honest relationships with customers. Michael Dell’s answer to ” Question #5: How has blogging changed Dell’s culture?

It has reinforced how important it is to listen to our customers. And when we see an issue in real time we have only one choice and that is to solve our customer’s issue and quickly too.

At HP, the value of a customer relationship and the value of social media seem to be as unimportant as product quality….of course valuing customers and providing a high quality product typically go hand in hand.

Social media would really not be of value if a company did not value their customers and produce a high quality product. Unless the company believed that blogging about value and quality and positive customer experience is the same as having those attributes.

I recently wrote about my son Sam’s laptop that at this writing is still MIA. His school work is suffering since the whole reason for buying the HP to begin with was so that he could have his own laptop to take to school.

I have found that we are not alone with the known issue, the Atlantis and Apollo motherboard failure, (it seems to be known to everyone except the “case manager” whose name and direct phone number I did not even bother to write down after he told me that it was not a known issue).

“Why is HP Hiding the Atlantis and Apollo Motherboard Issue?” is being asked at the Notebook Review Forum. Avoiding a recall? Or are they just hiding?

Companies in a crisis seem to forget or maybe just don’t get 2 important facts about the wired world: #1 that they can no longer hide from their customers (or hide product problems) and that listening to customers and solving their issues is not really a choice. Just ask Michael Dell.

Or Sam Richmond.  He’s pretty mortified to be on his mother’s blog but his mother just wanted to make the point that a real kid is going to school on Tuesday February 19th with out his laptop, DAY 65 without a working laptop.




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Dot-Chris Development February 18, 2008 at 9:36 pm

I would have thought by now that they would have taken notice also. I hope he gets this notebook replaced soon. Blog is also looking very good with all the new content.

Dot-Chris Development

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