AT&T: It Doesn’t Look Good, Girls.

by Marianne Richmond on April 19, 2008

AT&T announced layoff of 4600 workers yesterday. The article in today’s Wall Street noted that AT&T explained the layoff as mostly “white collar” jobs because  consumers are dropping their AT&T  landlines.

They also announced that a similar number of new jobs would be created in more promising businesses such as wireless, television and broadband.

AT&T spokesman Mr Sharp explained to the WSJ that jobs would not be found for their laid off employees”for a variety of reasons” because the new jobs were different.

To paraphrase that other BOSS, the jobs are gone girls, and they ain’t coming back.

Or as John Hodulick, an analyst for UBS explained clearly,

“There will be quite a bit of cost savings in this plan since it will impact a lot of senior executives and white-collar workers, who are generally more highly paid, and replace them with guys in trucks getting U-Verse into peoples’ homes,” he added, referring to AT&T’s television and high-speed Internet offering.”

So, gentleman…..start your engines!

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