Must Read: Groundswell (Must listen: Forrester Marketing Conference Live)

by Marianne Richmond on April 9, 2008

I was planning on finishing Groundswell on the plane trip to the Forrester Marketing Conference in LA. As a matter of fact, if the truth be known, the 3 hour flight of uninterrupted reading time was one of the things I was looking forward to about the entire conference. That and the hotel room all to myself, all night. If you have kids you know what I mean.

When I found myself standing behind Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li in a taxi line in Chicago following the Forester Consumer Forum I asked Charlene if she was tired and she said that actually she got more sleep at the conference than at home with her children. True that. And my children are teenagers; there is little hope.

But not to digress. I did finish Groundswell last night and so with this post I can officially recommend it as required reading if you work or want to work in this world transformed by social technologies. If you landed on my blog because you meant to (as opposed to a mis-directed search) and are now reading this post, that probably is you. (If you are reading this post on Wednesday morning at 8:39 AM Pacific time….stop reading and you can listen to George Colony explain why he blogs live at the Forrester conference.)

I am going to stop writing and listen. Harley Manning is reviewing yesterday’s presentations. Kerry Bodine is going to talk about Designing for Engagement…more on the Groundwell will follow.

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