links for 2008-09-08

Kellogg: Digital ROI Surpasses That of TV – Advertising Age – News (tags: digital advertising CPG marketing) Customer Service Via Twitter – BusinessWeek (tags: twitter customer service) I’m So Totally, Digitally Close to You – Clive Thompson – (tags: twitter culture technology Facebook social networks media friends)

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Sarah Palin brings the Hillary Clinton era to an end – Telegraph (tags: women, lifestyle, demographics) Rex Hammock’s weblog » Blog Archive » Do You Have An Online Strategy? (Shameless self-promotional post) (tags: web2.0 seo socialmedia rex hammock)

Mack Changes Stats: A Visit to the Viral Garden

Mack Collier, social media curator extraordinaire, changed the stats this week on which he bases his Viral Garden Top 25 Marketing & Social Media Blogs from my blogging nemesis Technorati to Feedburner, specifically Feedburner subscribers.  (Thanks to Toby for the heads up!) For me, this switch produced several ironies….(not in order of importance) Irony #1… Continue reading Mack Changes Stats: A Visit to the Viral Garden

links for 2008-09-06

Being Peter Kim: A List of Social Media Marketing Examples AWESOME list! (tags: Peter Kim Social Media corporate blogs web2.0)

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Hospital death rates unveiled for first-time comparison – (tags: hospitals healthcare deathrate comparisons) Ten Minutes Blogging School « Pravda on Media, Technology, and Rebel Filmmaking (tags: blogs blogging tutorial) GroupTweet (tags: twitter groups web2.0 community tools enterprise) Microsoft Office OneNote Training — Keenpath (tags: one note resource productivity) Will "Social Storytelling" Hit The Mainstream?… Continue reading links for 2008-09-02