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The Hub Magazine: The Perfect Storm: Issue 27 Consumers are stressed, scared and most importantly angry — and they’re angry at you! More than ever they feel business has a responsibility beyond managing the bottom line. While your competitors are focusing on coupons and cutting cost out of their products, your opportunity is to take… Continue reading links for 2008-11-21

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The Perfect Little Non-Black Book: The Rite in the Rain Notebooks I LOVE my No. 393N & 393 Rite in the Rain notebooks…order them by the dozen or the per item shipping kills but use one for each project. phone ordering is a pleasant experience. (tags: Rite in the rain notebooks moleskine)

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Are Top Brands Canceling Christmas? Not a Chance! » Adotas (tags: holiday shopping economy) A scientific formula for popularity on Digg, YouTube | Webware – CNET and i thought it was art (tags: YouTube social media research science)

links for 2008-11-13 Social objects, power, stickiness, and love (tags: social objects) Digital Doctors Connect to Patients, Info Online Finally! (tags: doctos email medical)

Cool….one of my Facebook friends is now President-elect of the United States

Kelli asked whether or not President elect Barack Obama will keep his Facebook page or provide updates on Twitter. Farhad Manjoo at Slate asks what will become of candidate Barack Obama’s social networking sites now that he is President-elect Obama. I think it is not hyperbole to say that one change you can believe in… Continue reading Cool….one of my Facebook friends is now President-elect of the United States

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Blogging grows up | Oh, grow up | The Economist (tags: blogging social media microblogging web2.0)

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The 22 Step Social Media Marketing Plan Great resource from Peter Kim (tags: social media marketing networks strategy) The Long Tail – Wired Blogs (tags: free) Design Thinking (tags: design thinking Tim Brown IDEO) Managing the Social-Networking Data Sieve – Network World (tags: Tom Mighell social,networking privacy)

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Obama Vs. McCain in The Most Transformative Election in Recent History. – BusinessWeek (tags: election 2008 transformative networks)