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2008 Most Popular Design posts, Tutorials and Resources This is an amazing collection! (tags: design photoshop web logos reference development tutorials business card) 24 ways: Easing The Path from Design to Development (tags: design development usability process web)

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Trustiness: Forrester’s Report on Corporate Blogs

Josh Bernoff recently released a report entitled “Time to Re-Think Your Corporate Blogging Ideas” and wrote a blog post with the provocative title People Don’t Trust Company Blogs. What You Should Do About It. Although I agree with Josh’s recommendations to corporations on how to use blogs most effectively which begins on page five in… Continue reading Trustiness: Forrester’s Report on Corporate Blogs

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Apps Are the Newest Brand Graveyard (tags: Facebook Apps brands social media) Beck's Tries Something 'Different:' Blogging (tags: social media Beck's blogging corporate)

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Five Harvard MBAs who wrecked the global economy – BloggingStocks (tags: economy global Harvard MBA George W. Busch)

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SEOmoz | Let's Talk Landing Pages (tags: landing pages SEO) With 850K Users In 2 Months, Circle Of Moms Comes Out Of Nowhere (tags: ciricle of moms sns social networks)