Happy Holidays 2008!

by Marianne Richmond on December 25, 2008

This Christmas Eve perhaps more than ever before I am struck by (or stuck on) how quickly the years pass by but also by how much changes in a single year, measured Christmas to Christmas. Last Christmas, my recollection is that we were focusing on the rise of gasoline prices and not the decline of the economy. This year, well, there is almost too much bad economic news to know where to focus.

Barack Obama was running for President last December of course but this Christmas he is the President elect. George Bush on the other hand is probably just as unpopular last year as he is this year despite this year’s efforts to white wash his presidency .

Sure, last Christmas we were Twittering….this Christmas EVERYONE is Twittering. In fact a new report by Hubspot says that 70% of Twitter users joined in 2008. 70%!

And last Christmas Eve we were all just getting used to my mom living here, it had only been about a month. And I thought we had lots of time to get it right. This Christmas Eve, we have memories to comfort but her presence is missed. It was a long year. It was too short a year.

Wishing everyone a most wonderful holiday and a happy 2009!

(And I LOVE Animoto)

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