Sagittarius…Seek and Be Grateful

by Kathy Berg on December 4, 2008

Note: This post is being written by my cousin Kathy Berg who I am hopeful will write a monthly feature. Kathy is a spiritual counselor who conducts workshops and classes, lectures, and publishes articles and newsletters with a spiritual perspective. A professional astrologer for over 35 years, she has a unique blending of Astrology, Tarot, and Numerology.

Now in full force, Sagittarius, the archer, is always pointing an arrow to those faraway lands. Whether in our minds or actual geographic locations, Sag is forever focusing on greener pastures.

Knowing the challenge of staying PRESENT, how can we really be the seeker (key words for Sagittarius are I SEE/SEEK) in the best possible way?

A bunch of words come to mind when I think of Sag: enthusiasm, optimism, generosity, benevolence, soul-searching, philosophical, happy-go-lucky, great sense of humor, expansive, abundance, outdoors-y, over-extending (!), freedom – looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This sign is NOT a pragmatic, logical one. It wants to chart its own course and experience everything for itself. It doesn’t matter how many other people have already been to Italy; Sag doesn’t want to hear those stories! People with strong Sagittarius in their charts (Sun, Moon, Rising Sign, or several planets in Sag) want to forge ahead and see for themselves. (And, remember – just having your Sun in Sag doesn’t necessarily mean you fit all these descriptions. We are ALL signs, and your WHOLE chart represents you – not just the Sun sign.)

Jupiter, the ruler of this sign, represents the energy of many Sag traits. (See above “bunch of words.”) Most importantly, the Tarot key for Jupiter is Wheel of Fortune. Sure, that can mean benefits for you, but it also reminds us of the importance of living in harmony with the Universe. What does that really mean? There are cycles for so many things on earth – the Moon’s cycle through the zodiac every 28 days, for one. There is a time to zig and a time to zag. If we go contrary to those cycles and exert our personal will, then we may lose out on some of the rewards.

Just like Nature, we will always have cycles, so we might want to strive to be in tune. Then we have a good chance to be in the flow of our lives as it was intended.

In our own chart, Jupiter’s astrological sign, house (or department of your life), and relationships to other planets indicate where and how you’ll give, among other things. To tune into the Jupiter energy, think or wear purple! And Thursday is the day of the week that represents Jupiter. (The French word for Thursday is “jeudi” – for Jupiter! If you wear purple on Thursday, you’re in synch with the vibration of Jupiter.

Wherever you find Sagittarius in your astrological chart will reveal where you are involved in your search for the truth; Jupiter’s placement will show how and where you expand and grow, and where your enthusiasm is in full bloom.

Thanksgiving falls in Sagittarius, so gratitude must have something to do with that sign. Being grateful is like being in the present instead of the future, where Sagittarius types live. Instead of thinking about why we need to focus on our next adventure instead of experiencing the NOW, why not remember all the things in our lives that we are grateful for now?

Just a thought…………………

The secrets to life are simple principles. All you need to do is rediscover them.

Kathy has a BA in psychology and a Masters in Metaphysical Science. She does one-on-one counseling or brief, individual readings, Kathy’s gentle nature and innate sensitivity have won her long-time clients who return repeatedly for her feedback and support. Her contact info is:

email or phone (314) 913-0151

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