Social Media and Life: The Lesson of 2009

by Marianne Richmond on December 31, 2009

OK, so there are lots of 2009 lists and reviews circulating right now….some thoughtful, some funny and some thinly disguised attempts to lift one’s leg on social media’s grandest  hydrant of them all, social media expertise. I think the theory is that by being the creator of a “best social media something” list, one must be,  by definition,  a social media expert  in order to create such a the list.

Or so it is hoped.

I don’t really have a top best list….I just have an opinion. On social media expertise.
I will admit that all of the claims to being a social media expert, guru, and/or bestower of social media certification (please include check for $2995.00) rankle me as they have been rankling social media consultants all year. Ok, for several years.  See Beth Harte, Mack Collier. Most recently though,  with the exponential increase in Twitter adoption, it seems that anyone with 10 Twitter followers is now a social media expert. See BL Ochman on this one.

You will notice that BL wrote a blog post on this topic and used more than 140 characters to make her point. There are many many more blog posts where that one came from. Back in the early days of social media, writing thoughtful blog posts on topics was one way to communicate one’s knowledge and expertise. See Toby Bloomberg’s Diva Marketing Blog, where you will find five years worth of insightful, instructive and thoughtful posts, interviews, and content.Toby, BL, and many others …in fact a definition of social media expert can be found everyday just by reading Marketing Profs Daily Fix.

As an aside, I do wonder if Twitter has dumbed down social media….in fact, enabled, if you will the rise of the social media expert.  Twitter’s 140 character limit was not I don’t think designed to communicate expertise but you can Tweet often, Tweet loudly and auto follow everyone and think yourself an expert apparently.

So my rule of thumb… I have learned that when anyone has to tell you that they are honest, the best, an expert, etc. they probably aren’t. Whether it is the real estate agent, the mechanic, the contractor that tells you how honest they are, or the consultant that tells you that they are an expert, my rule of thumb, is to immediately assume that they are not honest and/or don’t have a clue. If they are honest, have expertise or whatever the attribute, others will be saying that about them and/or there will be many available opinions of them other than their own.

The social media expertise lesson for 2009. Run fast from ANYONE who uses the “E” word to describe themselves!

I would like to share the links to what I thought were two of the funniest moments in the social media expertise “debate”: Become a Social Media Guru in Two Minutes or Less @ 72nd Ave, Social Media Gurus Anonymous.

Also, I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year….2009 was nothing if not a challenging year so let’s just hope for a challenging and rewarding 2010.

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taughnee December 31, 2009 at 9:42 pm

Bravo!!! Happy New Year my friend, the best is yet to come! 🙂

Toby January 1, 2010 at 1:05 pm

Marianne – great post and esp your insights about twitter. With all the “e” twits – er Twitter people I mean,no wonder consultants can’t find clients .. there are none .. the whole world is comprised of Experts. Guess I better be looking for a new gig in 2010 .

Appreciate your kind words about Diva Marketing.

All the very best for 2010 and thanks for sharing your family with us.

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