Read Write Web Real-Time Summitt

by Marianne Richmond on June 8, 2010

I have been looking for a reason to start blogging again and this week I think I have three., no four.  So, first things first….The Real Time Web Summit 2010 in NYC. (It’s real time so it has to go first, right?)  And please excuse me if I am going all gushy here but it’s an unconference on real time technologies with the 10 incredible people mentioned here (OMG Baratunde Thurston!) and my first real time face to face with Marshall Kirkpatrick one of the first friends I ever met blogging way back when blogging was as real time as it got! (I warned you about the gushy). If you aren’t registered to go, there is still time to get in on 40% off for 24 hours!

The list of people going just keeps getting better and better so the summitt keeps getting better and better….plus I get to go on a Manhattan Magical Mystery tour with CK whose newly B2B branded blog also keeps getting better and better.

Yes, Yes, Yes!!! And now 3 more blog posts to follow.

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