Robert Scoble, Attention,Get a Life, Which Life

So, if I hadn’t been working on Saturday night (Get a life) and didn’t suffer from advanced, possibly chronic continuous partial attention I wouldn’t have tuned into Techmeme on a Saturday night and read the news by way of Silcon Valley Watcher:" Microsoft’s top blogger Robert Scoble is leaving…." Well, that news has been well… Continue reading Robert Scoble, Attention,Get a Life, Which Life

Attention: Giving It and Getting It

Dave Pollard writes in How to Save the World that "What people seek from others more than anything else, is attention and appreciation." He references an earlier post where he wrote, "It’s really all about attention, and paying attention. The attention we pay to others, and that others pay to us, defines us, far more… Continue reading Attention: Giving It and Getting It

Passion versus Obsession

In thinking about this, I wondered about the difference between being considered passsionate about say, computers or being considerered obsessed with them. Or medicine, or whatever the narrowly defined highly technical interest might be. If the interest is “highly technical” maybe we say obsession. If the interest is not technical, such as a sport, maybe we say, passionate?

ADD Parents

The Myomancy Blog posed an interesting question today regarding parenting and ADD: "Do you have ADHD style behaviors that you can learn to control and do you need to improve your own parenting skills?"  An article from Attention Research Update indicated that a study conducted  EJ Harvey and reported in the Journal of Attention Disorders… Continue reading ADD Parents

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