Letting Go 2007

Sam started High School yesterday….and far be it for me to say something trite like, it seems like only yesterday…but it does. And I can’t help but wonder, are we both ready for this? I know, I know its only high school; college will be where you will really have to let go. Letting go?… Continue reading Letting Go 2007

Social Entrepreneurship for Seniors: Purpose Prize

A great deal is being written about the aging baby boomers, that attention grabbing, developmental stage defining, amorphous yet distinct,  demographic group that I count myself as a member of…..I think sometimes that one of our most distinctive characteristics is our lack of acceptance of aging but perhaps that, along with the feeling of distinctiveness… Continue reading Social Entrepreneurship for Seniors: Purpose Prize

Marketing Person Not a Geek

Toby Bloomberg at Diva Marketing conveyed a disussion she had regarding Blog Tags with Stowe Boyd from Corante. Toby’s point was that as a marketing person not a geek, tagging was a challenge. Boyd’s point was that she should get over it and that not knowing how to do something was not “a badge of honor”.

M&Ms and Books Supersize

Today’s New York Times reported two size increases …M&Ms and paperback books. Because as we Baby Boomers age we struggle with the small print size of paperback books, several publishers are issuing some books in a new Baby Boomer friendly print size. M&Ms are apparently now available in a supersize called Mega M&Ms.