Technorati State of the Blogosphere: Depends on How you Define Strong

Dave Sifry released his quarterly State of the Blogosphere data today and declared the blogosphere "strong;" which translates into 34.5 million blogs tracked by Technorati and a blogosphere doubling in size every 6 months. Further, 75,000 new blogs are created daily which he says equates to a new blog being created every second. He also… Continue reading Technorati State of the Blogosphere: Depends on How you Define Strong

I’ve Been Tagged

Josh Hallett tagged me this morning…but since Saturdays are a constant series of drop offs, pick ups, in and outs, scheduled and unscheduled activities, I started but didn’t finish the tag; factor in the mysteries of saving in Performancing and the mysterious shut downs in Firefox and now you have Saturday night. So, here goes… Continue reading I’ve Been Tagged

Core Assets and Social Capital

In Forrester Research’s weekly update,  Charlene Li writes, "Yahoo! bought social bookmarking and tagging leader to add bookmark tagging to its social computing portfolio. The value of tagging is that when individuals label something online, they call it out as valuable. If enough people tag Yahoo!-stored assets as, then the collective intelligence of the masses… Continue reading Core Assets and Social Capital

Words, Buzzwords, Tags, and Buzztags

Have You Updated your Buzzwords? That is the question being asked by Kathy Sierra at Creating Passionate Users….one of the blogs I would absolutely want to have access to should I find myself on the proverbial desert Island. She says that we are on Internet time, baby and last month’s buzzwords quickly become like email, … Continue reading Words, Buzzwords, Tags, and Buzztags


Typepad has become the source of dissatisfaction for many bloggers lately…and the subject of many blog posts that express the dissatisfaction. Business Blog Consulting has three such posts which highlight the problems and offer positive suggestions including a “business class” of service and limiting new subscribers until the infrastructure can support it. I believe they are promoting with a buy one give one offer…why promote a flawed product? I think they should consider ending promotional offers and closing subscriptions and fix the issues.

The Tag Not Taken

A post by Toby Bloomberg at Diva Marketing on the very issue of being tag challenged actually started a series of steps that ultimately solved the problem for both of us (well it’s solved for Toby…this post will let me know if it’s solved for me) thanks to Marshall Kirkpatrick, whose bookmarklett reduced it all to one little web 2.0 version of fill in the blank!

Marketing Person Not a Geek

Toby Bloomberg at Diva Marketing conveyed a disussion she had regarding Blog Tags with Stowe Boyd from Corante. Toby’s point was that as a marketing person not a geek, tagging was a challenge. Boyd’s point was that she should get over it and that not knowing how to do something was not “a badge of honor”.