AT&T: It Doesn’t Look Good, Girls.

AT&T announced layoff of 4600 workers yesterday. The article in today’s Wall Street noted that AT&T explained the layoff as mostly “white collar” jobs because  consumers are dropping their AT&T  landlines. They also announced that a similar number of new jobs would be created in more promising businesses such as wireless, television and broadband. AT&T… Continue reading AT&T: It Doesn’t Look Good, Girls.

Perspective: Senseless Shootings in Kirkwood, MO

What were you doing last Thursday evening at 7PM? An ordinary night probably for most of us ordinary people. There was a city council meeting at the Kirkwood, Missouri City Hall, A zoning meeting. Ordinary stuff. And then something far out of the ordinary, something mind numbing happened in a town that describes itself as… Continue reading Perspective: Senseless Shootings in Kirkwood, MO

Rosa Parks

I don’t know exactly when I first heard about Rosa Parks but I do know if I were asked to define bravery or courage of convictions it could be defined by her refusal in 1955 to give up her bus seat to a white man in Montgomery, Alabama.

Bill 0’Reilly Declares Blogs Garbage

“I don’t read them, I mean it’s so outrageous”, O’Reilly said on his show on July 18, 2005. Then last night on the Factor he attacks blogs calling them ideological weapons and smear campaigns as reported by Think Progress and Crooks and Liars. OK, Bill so I do watch your show because I believe it is important to hear opposing viewpoints.

2 Cool Sites From 2 Cool Sites

Even with RSS and aggregators, there is still too much information for me to process and use. In my email was Inter Alia Weekly Research, which always has great information to help manage the overload. This time, a site called memeorandum which takes daily news articles and links to the blogs that are talking about the the stories. Then from Seth Godins Blog came a reference to Emily Chang’s e-hub which is a constantly updated reference to everything new in blogs, social software, folksonomy, design and well, just everything.

More Schools Help Katrina Refugees

I wrote an earlier post regarding the colleges and universities that were helping students displace by Katrina . From Hugh Hewitt’s blog, comes a link to a blog dedicated to the subject. Also, here is a link regarding which law schools are opening their doors. Mr. Hewitt notes that he is sorry that his alma maters are not on the list, et. Likewise!

Katrina Tragedy

Sam started school this week and last night his homework included an assignment to list the characteristics that make America unique. Watching the selfless police and rescue workers who no doubt had to leave their own families and homes to assist others, the grim determination of those pushing shopping carts loaded with earthly pocessions, the doctors using canoes to bring in medical supplies, the homemade “help” signs made from who knows what, held up by rooftop survivors, the we are all in this together attitude and the every man for himself attitude of the looters…all that captured the American character. And of course, all the bloggers that urged us to donate and provided links to the Red Cross, Feed The Children, and links to links.