Attention…Are Your Children Blackberry Orphans?

The Wall Street Journal paints a picture of Blackberry addicted, "furtive thumb typing" parents hiding in closets to check their email while their resentful, ignored children track them down. They warn, "There is a new member of the family, and, like all new siblings, this one is getting a disproportionate amount of attention, resulting in… Continue reading Attention…Are Your Children Blackberry Orphans?

Lies, Damn Lies, and Lists

It’s that time of year again….525,600 minutes to measure and another 525,600 minutes to resolve: New Year’s Resolution lists, the review of 2005’s list and the making of the 2006 list. Technorati is tracking resolutions by blog, by minute (looks like about a post per minute) and Dave Sifry’s Alerts explains how to tag them.… Continue reading Lies, Damn Lies, and Lists

Life Hackers and Shaving a Yak

Courtesy of a 43 Folders post I learned some interesting facts regarding some of the reasons that it seems to becoming more and more difficult to GED*, Get Enough Done which is a step down from Getting Things Done on the personal productivity hierarchy. The source of this information was a really interesting NYT article, Meet the Life Hackers by Clive Thompson And all of this does seem somehow related to Seth Godin’s recent post on Settting The Record Straight On Yak Shaving, which is all about low tech interruptions….