Google: This One Is A Brilliant Move

Google appointed Dr. Larry Brilliant to head its corporate philantrophic program, Google has pledged 1% of its annual profits and 1% of its stock with a current value of 1$ billion to Dr. Brilliant according to the WSJ has had extensive non-profit public health and private-sector tecnology experience. His background includes working to… Continue reading Google: This One Is A Brilliant Move

M&Ms and Books Supersize

Today’s New York Times reported two size increases …M&Ms and paperback books. Because as we Baby Boomers age we struggle with the small print size of paperback books, several publishers are issuing some books in a new Baby Boomer friendly print size. M&Ms are apparently now available in a supersize called Mega M&Ms.

Fat Cat

We have two cats, we were supposed to have one. Last summer we adopted a 13 month old part Maine Coon Cat named Michelle whose name was immediately changed by my sons to Tiger. They insisted she looked like a Tiger. She was meant to be a kind of starter pet….the kids really wanted a… Continue reading Fat Cat

Divorce and Your Health

Todays Wall Street Journal reported a new study to be released at the upcoming Coalition for Marriage Conference showing that being divorced for long periods of time is related to increased liklihood of heart or lung disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and also to loss of mobility later in life. Also noteworthy: Don’t… Continue reading Divorce and Your Health