In Case of Emergency

As the finger pointing continues over Hurricane Katrina along with the cries for leadership I wondered how many parents sitting in the room knew what that the emergency number was or had it written down….on easily accessible, old fashioned paper. The school had sent it to us numerous times along with “the plan”. But like the exit maps on the back of hotel doors and the location of emergency exits on airplanes, in movie theaters, or a fire escape plan from our own homes , it wasn’t top of mind enough to be of much use in case of an emergency. And the finger pointing and calls for leadership should really begin with ourselves…

More Schools Help Katrina Refugees

I wrote an earlier post regarding the colleges and universities that were helping students displace by Katrina . From Hugh Hewitt’s blog, comes a link to a blog dedicated to the subject. Also, here is a link regarding which law schools are opening their doors. Mr. Hewitt notes that he is sorry that his alma maters are not on the list, et. Likewise!