Life Imitating Art

Recent reports of increased aggressive behavior among birds and an increase of birds attacking humans. Foreshadowing by Hitchcock.

WSJ on Email

Real Time WSJ columnists Jim Hanrahan and Jason Fry wrote today that when their email went out for a day it became clear just how dependent we have become on email….projects, tasks, phone numbers, reminders all seem to beheld together through email access. And then there is that haunting fear of missing something! "The worst… Continue reading WSJ on Email

Stupidity By Email

In my email today I received a newsletter from the Amen Clinic that had an article entitled CHECKING E-MAILS TOO FREQUENTLY MAY MAKE YOUR STUPID. Dr. Amen has written extensively about the brain and in fact calls his newsletter, The Brain in the News and his latest book is called Change Your Brain Change Your… Continue reading Stupidity By Email