St. Louis County Putting Kids First: Please Vote Yes

With the presidential election just a few weeks away and the candidates continuing to make their cases that the other guy is bad (or worse) versus telling us why we should feel good about voting for them, it is good to know that there is something on the ballot in St. Louis County that one… Continue reading St. Louis County Putting Kids First: Please Vote Yes

Attention: Giving It and Getting It

Dave Pollard writes in How to Save the World that "What people seek from others more than anything else, is attention and appreciation." He references an earlier post where he wrote, "It’s really all about attention, and paying attention. The attention we pay to others, and that others pay to us, defines us, far more… Continue reading Attention: Giving It and Getting It

Blog Stalking Parents…Fair Game?

The Weekend Journal has an article about yet another innovative way to join the blogosphere, spying on your children. Big Mother is Watching (available by subscription) tells of a mother (unfortunately working "outside the home" as a marketing consultant….giving marketing consultants and mothers a bad name) who caught her daughter behaving badly by monitoring her… Continue reading Blog Stalking Parents…Fair Game?

In Case of Emergency

As the finger pointing continues over Hurricane Katrina along with the cries for leadership I wondered how many parents sitting in the room knew what that the emergency number was or had it written down….on easily accessible, old fashioned paper. The school had sent it to us numerous times along with “the plan”. But like the exit maps on the back of hotel doors and the location of emergency exits on airplanes, in movie theaters, or a fire escape plan from our own homes , it wasn’t top of mind enough to be of much use in case of an emergency. And the finger pointing and calls for leadership should really begin with ourselves…

Katrina Tragedy

Sam started school this week and last night his homework included an assignment to list the characteristics that make America unique. Watching the selfless police and rescue workers who no doubt had to leave their own families and homes to assist others, the grim determination of those pushing shopping carts loaded with earthly pocessions, the doctors using canoes to bring in medical supplies, the homemade “help” signs made from who knows what, held up by rooftop survivors, the we are all in this together attitude and the every man for himself attitude of the looters…all that captured the American character. And of course, all the bloggers that urged us to donate and provided links to the Red Cross, Feed The Children, and links to links.

Fat Cat

We have two cats, we were supposed to have one. Last summer we adopted a 13 month old part Maine Coon Cat named Michelle whose name was immediately changed by my sons to Tiger. They insisted she looked like a Tiger. She was meant to be a kind of starter pet….the kids really wanted a… Continue reading Fat Cat