St. Louis County Putting Kids First: Please Vote Yes

With the presidential election just a few weeks away and the candidates continuing to make their cases that the other guy is bad (or worse) versus telling us why we should feel good about voting for them, it is good to know that there is something on the ballot in St. Louis County that one… Continue reading St. Louis County Putting Kids First: Please Vote Yes

Early Information Anxiety

The "natural memory of men was dulled by the ‘monstrous images’ concocted in mnemonic arts; the attempts to overload the mind with infinite pieces of information often ’caused madness and frenzy instead of profound and sure memory.’" Cornelius Agrippa, 1530 Tags: information anxiety, continuous partial attention, attention, ADD Powered by Qumana

Blogging at the Institute with Danny Wedding

A required class on Mental Health Policy , offered in the evening was not high on my list of classes I was anticipating to like at the George Warren Brown School of Social Work in the fall of 2003. But I was not anticipating Professor Danny Wedding….the class was awesome! Besides being an authority on… Continue reading Blogging at the Institute with Danny Wedding

Passion versus Obsession

In thinking about this, I wondered about the difference between being considered passsionate about say, computers or being considerered obsessed with them. Or medicine, or whatever the narrowly defined highly technical interest might be. If the interest is “highly technical” maybe we say obsession. If the interest is not technical, such as a sport, maybe we say, passionate?