Perspective: Senseless Shootings in Kirkwood, MO

What were you doing last Thursday evening at 7PM? An ordinary night probably for most of us ordinary people. There was a city council meeting at the Kirkwood, Missouri City Hall, A zoning meeting. Ordinary stuff. And then something far out of the ordinary, something mind numbing happened in a town that describes itself as… Continue reading Perspective: Senseless Shootings in Kirkwood, MO

Discrimination at SIU????

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that the Justice Department has accused SIU (Southern Illinois University) violating the Federal Civil Rights laws (Title VII) by discriminating against whites, men and others in their graduate fellowship programs. The programs cited were: FELLOWSHIP: Bridge to the Doctorate Started: 2004 Award: $30,000 stipend, plus $10,500 for education expenses Purpose: "For… Continue reading Discrimination at SIU????

Rosa Parks

I don’t know exactly when I first heard about Rosa Parks but I do know if I were asked to define bravery or courage of convictions it could be defined by her refusal in 1955 to give up her bus seat to a white man in Montgomery, Alabama.