Pay attention, Say Thank You

Church of the Customer recently highlighted a story from the Wall Street Journal  about the law firm, Sullivan & Cromwell, LLP who in response to low morale and an excessive level of associate turnover initiated a program to encourage partners to show more appreciation and respect to the firm’s associates. Specifically,  the need to say… Continue reading Pay attention, Say Thank You

Trust in User Generated Content: Youth Say Yes, Adults Say No

Forrester has released a new study that says that although three fourths of on line adults  access user generated content their confidence in the content is declining; conversely, the over 90% of on line youth that access user generated content indicate that their trust in the content is increasing. Forrester’s report on Social Computing concluded… Continue reading Trust in User Generated Content: Youth Say Yes, Adults Say No

Attention: Giving It and Getting It

Dave Pollard writes in How to Save the World that "What people seek from others more than anything else, is attention and appreciation." He references an earlier post where he wrote, "It’s really all about attention, and paying attention. The attention we pay to others, and that others pay to us, defines us, far more… Continue reading Attention: Giving It and Getting It

Core Assets and Social Capital

In Forrester Research’s weekly update,  Charlene Li writes, "Yahoo! bought social bookmarking and tagging leader to add bookmark tagging to its social computing portfolio. The value of tagging is that when individuals label something online, they call it out as valuable. If enough people tag Yahoo!-stored assets as, then the collective intelligence of the masses… Continue reading Core Assets and Social Capital

Client Expectations and Satisfaction Surveys

This post is about customer experience, this time from the vantage point of a client satisfaction survey…specifically law firms client satisfaction surveys. Rees Morrison of Law Department Management asked the question, "Does asking clients to assess the department raise their expectations for the future?" His answer was "Yes." He went on to say that customer… Continue reading Client Expectations and Satisfaction Surveys

No. I Don’t Have Time to Read Blogs

My lawyer started talking about the client/attorney relationship in an unusual manner for lawyers that I have actually worked with, as opposed to law professors, friends who are attorneys or those whose blogs I read…he talked in terms of client service and was pondering why, despite what their firm thought were great results in some case, the client did not express gratitude or otherwise provide positive feedback…

Empathy 101

This morning’s WSJ had an article titled “Teaching Doctor’s To Be Nicer”…OK, so the point is customer service, customer relationships, customer experience. Yes, I think it applies to doctors, also. I also think most doctors don’t view their patients as customers. However, if medical schools are offering courses in “professionalism, empathy, and communication skills” someone must be thinking in this direction.

Passion versus Obsession

In thinking about this, I wondered about the difference between being considered passsionate about say, computers or being considerered obsessed with them. Or medicine, or whatever the narrowly defined highly technical interest might be. If the interest is “highly technical” maybe we say obsession. If the interest is not technical, such as a sport, maybe we say, passionate?