Dot-Chris: Exceeding Customer Expectations

As I thought about writing this blog post about how wonderful Chris at Dot-Chris Development is, I started thinking that many of my blog posts about service providers are critical; unmet expectations, unsatisfactory performance, poor customer experience. So although the purpose of this post is to recommend Chris, I thought it might be interesting to… Continue reading Dot-Chris: Exceeding Customer Expectations

Google: This One Is A Brilliant Move

Google appointed Dr. Larry Brilliant to head its corporate philantrophic program, Google has pledged 1% of its annual profits and 1% of its stock with a current value of 1$ billion to Dr. Brilliant according to the WSJ has had extensive non-profit public health and private-sector tecnology experience. His background includes working to… Continue reading Google: This One Is A Brilliant Move

Google Grants: Search Advertising for Non-Profits

USA Today ran a story today about Google Grants, the in-kind advertising program for non-profits utilizing Google Ad-Words. According to USA Today, Google has given away $33 million dollars to 850 non-profits over the last two years.To participate, an organization must have 501(c)(3)status, and share Google’s "philosophy of community service and have a strong mission to… Continue reading Google Grants: Search Advertising for Non-Profits