Net Squared Innovation Fund Award

Have a vision of social change? Using a new or existing technology tool to turn your vision into reality? Nominate your project for the NetSquared Innovation Award. The Net Squared Conference is being held on May 29th-30th in San Jose. The conference is focused on 20 social change projects that use technologies, tools and communities… Continue reading Net Squared Innovation Fund Award

Net Squared Live Online!

The Net2 conference begins on May 30th in Santa Clara and if like me you are not one of the lucky 350 participants, Marshall Kirkpatrick informed me that there is a remote conference, live online at How cool is that going to be? There is chat which features "special Q&A sessions with NetSquared speakers… Continue reading Net Squared Live Online!

Google: This One Is A Brilliant Move

Google appointed Dr. Larry Brilliant to head its corporate philantrophic program, Google has pledged 1% of its annual profits and 1% of its stock with a current value of 1$ billion to Dr. Brilliant according to the WSJ has had extensive non-profit public health and private-sector tecnology experience. His background includes working to… Continue reading Google: This One Is A Brilliant Move

Social Entrepreneurship for Seniors: Purpose Prize

A great deal is being written about the aging baby boomers, that attention grabbing, developmental stage defining, amorphous yet distinct,  demographic group that I count myself as a member of…..I think sometimes that one of our most distinctive characteristics is our lack of acceptance of aging but perhaps that, along with the feeling of distinctiveness… Continue reading Social Entrepreneurship for Seniors: Purpose Prize

Leo Burnett: Packaged Good

Leo Burnett, a Publicis Group agency, has just launched a kind of non-profit American Idol called Packaged Good. Burnett is requesting proposals from non-profits that are in need of a marketing campaign. They are looking for an unknown entrepreneurial nonprofit with potential to become known, ala Habitat for Humanity. "Our goal, as always, is to… Continue reading Leo Burnett: Packaged Good