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N-TEN Connect: > Asking the Wrong Questions (tags: nonprofits, blogging) Advocacy Institute: Key Questions for Beginning E-Advocacy (tags: non-profit , social justice, blogs) Beth’s Blog: Notes for Berkman Conversation (tags: nptech, nonprofit , blogging) WonderBranding: Marketing to Women: Opening Gestures (tags: branding, presentations, facilitation) Marketing – The Bold Approach Method: Best Buy’s Customer Deconstruction Process… Continue reading links for 2006-01-30

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MarketingBlurb: NPD Study Confirms Women Control Purchases (tags: marketing to women, marketing, market research) GNIF Brain Blogger (tags: Neuroscience, blogs) Study: Viral Marketing Gaining in Popularity (tags: viral, WOMMA)

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Yet Another Unitarian Universalist » Porting BarCamp to religion… (tags: conferences, unconference) ‘Stanford On ITunes’ Is For Everybody – (tags: education, itunes, podcasting) (tags: blog blogs, business small) Using Word of Mouth: Civic Ventures (tags: WOMMA WOMBAT Baby Boomers Civic Ventures Purpose Prize)

Back from WOMMA

After two days of blogging at the WOMMA Conference it will surely take another two days to do my blog homework and get all my notes posted at the WOMBAT Blog. I will also be writing more here….there were awesome presenters and lots of great ideas to blog about. It was really great to blog… Continue reading Back from WOMMA

Blogging the WOMBAT Conference!

I am very excited to be going to the Word of Mouth Basic Training Conference (WOMBAT) in Orlando next week…even better I will be conference blogging along with Toby Bloomberg, Diva Marketing, Josh Hallet of hyku and  Dana Van Heuvel  of Pheedo, Inc, BlogSavant, and So, if you can’t make it to the conference… Continue reading Blogging the WOMBAT Conference!

Bill Johnson, H.J. Heinz: Two Things To Remember

There is really no shortage of advice from CEOs that is offered to us in the form of  books, interviews, articles, speeches, workshops, even blogs. In November, Business 2.0 interviewed 49 "business visionaries" and asked them the "single philosophy {that} they swear by more than any other." There were of course a variety of "secrets… Continue reading Bill Johnson, H.J. Heinz: Two Things To Remember