Ad Age Says There Is No Such Things as Blogging..But The Name Is Cool

A story in today’s Ad Age by Simon Dumenco said that there is no such thing as blogging and no such thing as a blogger…"it’s just the software, people." He says that blogging is instantaneous, "voice-y", and opinionated but says this is not different than old-school media. He says that just because there are blog… Continue reading Ad Age Says There Is No Such Things as Blogging..But The Name Is Cool

Alliance for Building Capacity

Hello to everyone from the blogging workshop today! As discussed, there is a blog set up with today’s presentation and other resources for blogging. The blog address is User name is mariannerichmond and the password was given to you today. If you have problems accessing the blog, please email me or call me at… Continue reading Alliance for Building Capacity

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Typepad has become the source of dissatisfaction for many bloggers lately…and the subject of many blog posts that express the dissatisfaction. Business Blog Consulting has three such posts which highlight the problems and offer positive suggestions including a “business class” of service and limiting new subscribers until the infrastructure can support it. I believe they are promoting with a buy one give one offer…why promote a flawed product? I think they should consider ending promotional offers and closing subscriptions and fix the issues.

No. I Don’t Have Time to Read Blogs

My lawyer started talking about the client/attorney relationship in an unusual manner for lawyers that I have actually worked with, as opposed to law professors, friends who are attorneys or those whose blogs I read…he talked in terms of client service and was pondering why, despite what their firm thought were great results in some case, the client did not express gratitude or otherwise provide positive feedback…

Bill 0’Reilly Declares Blogs Garbage

“I don’t read them, I mean it’s so outrageous”, O’Reilly said on his show on July 18, 2005. Then last night on the Factor he attacks blogs calling them ideological weapons and smear campaigns as reported by Think Progress and Crooks and Liars. OK, Bill so I do watch your show because I believe it is important to hear opposing viewpoints.

2 Cool Sites From 2 Cool Sites

Even with RSS and aggregators, there is still too much information for me to process and use. In my email was Inter Alia Weekly Research, which always has great information to help manage the overload. This time, a site called memeorandum which takes daily news articles and links to the blogs that are talking about the the stories. Then from Seth Godins Blog came a reference to Emily Chang’s e-hub which is a constantly updated reference to everything new in blogs, social software, folksonomy, design and well, just everything.

In Case of Emergency

As the finger pointing continues over Hurricane Katrina along with the cries for leadership I wondered how many parents sitting in the room knew what that the emergency number was or had it written down….on easily accessible, old fashioned paper. The school had sent it to us numerous times along with “the plan”. But like the exit maps on the back of hotel doors and the location of emergency exits on airplanes, in movie theaters, or a fire escape plan from our own homes , it wasn’t top of mind enough to be of much use in case of an emergency. And the finger pointing and calls for leadership should really begin with ourselves…

More Schools Help Katrina Refugees

I wrote an earlier post regarding the colleges and universities that were helping students displace by Katrina . From Hugh Hewitt’s blog, comes a link to a blog dedicated to the subject. Also, here is a link regarding which law schools are opening their doors. Mr. Hewitt notes that he is sorry that his alma maters are not on the list, et. Likewise!