WSJ on Email

Real Time WSJ columnists Jim Hanrahan and Jason Fry wrote today that when their email went out for a day it became clear just how dependent we have become on email….projects, tasks, phone numbers, reminders all seem to beheld together through email access. And then there is that haunting fear of missing something! "The worst… Continue reading WSJ on Email

ADD Parents

The Myomancy Blog posed an interesting question today regarding parenting and ADD: "Do you have ADHD style behaviors that you can learn to control and do you need to improve your own parenting skills?"  An article from Attention Research Update indicated that a study conducted  EJ Harvey and reported in the Journal of Attention Disorders… Continue reading ADD Parents

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Easy Bake Weblogs – small business blogging – internet marketing � Andy Profiled on Lipsticking Blog

Link: Easy Bake Weblogs – small business blogging – Andy Wibbels Profiled on Lipsticking Blog. Great interview on Lipsticking with Andy Wibbels, whose courses I can personally endorse as the greatest! Also, Denise Wakeman and Patsi Krakoff  from Build a Better Blog System hosted a call on June 1st with Yvonne DiVita from Lipsticking on… Continue reading Easy Bake Weblogs – small business blogging – internet marketing � Andy Profiled on Lipsticking Blog

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Who has the passion?

The word passionate kept appearing on my radar screen this weekend, regardless of the venue.  think it started when bloghopping took me from a post on Backup Brain to one on Creating Passionate Users The discussion was about Microsoft’s tagline, "Your potential, our passion." The point that was being made was I believe, who had… Continue reading Who has the passion?

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Stupidity By Email

In my email today I received a newsletter from the Amen Clinic that had an article entitled CHECKING E-MAILS TOO FREQUENTLY MAY MAKE YOUR STUPID. Dr. Amen has written extensively about the brain and in fact calls his newsletter, The Brain in the News and his latest book is called Change Your Brain Change Your… Continue reading Stupidity By Email

Deep Throat Redux

This is the last post about Deep throat…or at least I mean for it to be. The Always Knew wins, as summarized in Salon. They knew long ago and far away…back in ’99 in a galaxy without blogs!

Bad Luck

After the Deep Throat announcement yesterday, I turned to Google for more information and found an entry dated May 30, 2005 .  It seems that a class of University of Illinois Professor Bill Gaines had spent 4 years on a project to identify Deep Throat and after much fanfare revealed him to be…..Fred Fielding. Oh… Continue reading Bad Luck

1-800 Solve Any Problem

I have recently been hearing this radio commercial that promises that by dialing their 1 800# and signing up for their program that ANY problem that you are having with your adolescent can be solved….even ADHD the announcer/renowned authority says! I have been working on a workshop on family conflict and reviewing some of the… Continue reading 1-800 Solve Any Problem