Cavaet Emptor Yes, But Wait There’s More…

The recent story in the NYT about the latest PT Barnum (although ironically enough this history buff says that we can’t even believe that story)  of the internets and his evil linking strategy has been a hot topic since Sunday. The issues of What Should Google Do and Flipping Off the Consumer for Fun and… Continue reading Cavaet Emptor Yes, But Wait There’s More…

My Bottom Line on the iPhone4: Apple Service

So, today was the big day….big lines, lots of chatter, reviews, comparisons, and complaints. I would post a photo of my IPhone4 but I don’t have one… not yet. Oh, I will get one. Just not today. So I am writing this post not to talk about the lines in St. Louis (Were there lines… Continue reading My Bottom Line on the iPhone4: Apple Service

Run Forrest, Run

The late Randy Pausch wrote of an experience he had as a child at Walt Disney World in Orlando he referred to as the $100,000 salt and pepper shaker. He and his sister had purchased the salt and pepper shaker at a gift shop and were planning on giving it to their parents as a… Continue reading Run Forrest, Run

American Airlines: Listen!

Earlier this week fellow St. Louisian Bob McCarty who writes the blog Bob McCarty Writes sent me a link for some photos he had taken at Lambert St Louis Airport of the American Airlines pilots who were apparently picketing for their cause,  customer service. Bob also posted about this. Bob asked in his post whether… Continue reading American Airlines: Listen!

Amazon MP3 Store, ITunes and Strategy

Wendy Davis writes today, “Around 90% of the people who purchase MP3s from Amazon have never used iTunes, according to the NPD report, as per Ars Technica. Additionally, the stores are attracting different customers, with men accounting for 64% of Amazon buyers, but just 44% of iTunes buyers.” She notes that the good news for… Continue reading Amazon MP3 Store, ITunes and Strategy