Trustiness: Forrester’s Report on Corporate Blogs

Josh Bernoff recently released a report entitled “Time to Re-Think Your Corporate Blogging Ideas” and wrote a blog post with the provocative title People Don’t Trust Company Blogs. What You Should Do About It. Although I agree with Josh’s recommendations to corporations on how to use blogs most effectively which begins on page five in… Continue reading Trustiness: Forrester’s Report on Corporate Blogs

American Airlines: Listen!

Earlier this week fellow St. Louisian Bob McCarty who writes the blog Bob McCarty Writes sent me a link for some photos he had taken at Lambert St Louis Airport of the American Airlines pilots who were apparently picketing for their cause,  customer service. Bob also posted about this. Bob asked in his post whether… Continue reading American Airlines: Listen!

Amazon MP3 Store, ITunes and Strategy

Wendy Davis writes today, “Around 90% of the people who purchase MP3s from Amazon have never used iTunes, according to the NPD report, as per Ars Technica. Additionally, the stores are attracting different customers, with men accounting for 64% of Amazon buyers, but just 44% of iTunes buyers.” She notes that the good news for… Continue reading Amazon MP3 Store, ITunes and Strategy

Must Read: Groundswell (Con’t)

So, back to Groundswell and the reasons why I said, “must read.” Groundswell is well researched (Forrester research data from around the world, 65 corporate examples and 25 full case studies), written by two great, knowledgeable writers and fellow particpants, Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff, and is exceptionally readable at the same time. Readability in… Continue reading Must Read: Groundswell (Con’t)

Forrester Marketing Forum 2008: Engagement and I

Brian Haven is talking about engagement… he says there are four ways to measure engagement, the Four I’s: Interaction, Involvement, Intimacy, and Influence. But how do I know this? I am in St. Louis. Unfortunately a family issue prevented me from attending the Forrester Marketing Forum today but right at this very minute Jeremiah Owyang… Continue reading Forrester Marketing Forum 2008: Engagement and I

Forrester Marketing Forum 2008

In the world of marketing, there are only a few things that I believe are predictable with absolute certainty and one of them is that a Forrester Marketing Forum (or Consumer Forum) will exceed my expectations; and with each conference I attend my expectations increase. Okay, so the evidence for my unabashed enthusiasm? My collection… Continue reading Forrester Marketing Forum 2008

HP: Customer Experience Disconnect

In May 2007 I purchased my youngest son an HP Pavilion Notebook so that he would have a bright shiny new laptop to start high school with in the fall. We looked at several different options but what tipped the scale towards HP was Eric Kintz. Eric and I had “connected” via our blogs but… Continue reading HP: Customer Experience Disconnect

Forrester Consumer Forum, The Transformation Was Live

This year’s Forrester Consumer Forum personified at least part of the conference theme, Transformed by Social Technologies. Indeed the transformation was everywhere. I say this based upon both the Forrester analysts, invited speakers and panelists who provided enough rock solid data, how-to’s, best practices, advice and experience to forever kill that sacred cow…. but also… Continue reading Forrester Consumer Forum, The Transformation Was Live