Mack Changes Stats: A Visit to the Viral Garden

Mack Collier, social media curator extraordinaire, changed the stats this week on which he bases his Viral Garden Top 25 Marketing & Social Media Blogs from my blogging nemesis Technorati to Feedburner, specifically Feedburner subscribers.  (Thanks to Toby for the heads up!) For me, this switch produced several ironies….(not in order of importance) Irony #1… Continue reading Mack Changes Stats: A Visit to the Viral Garden

Must Read: Groundswell (Con’t)

So, back to Groundswell and the reasons why I said, “must read.” Groundswell is well researched (Forrester research data from around the world, 65 corporate examples and 25 full case studies), written by two great, knowledgeable writers and fellow particpants, Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff, and is exceptionally readable at the same time. Readability in… Continue reading Must Read: Groundswell (Con’t)

Forrester Marketing Forum 2008

In the world of marketing, there are only a few things that I believe are predictable with absolute certainty and one of them is that a Forrester Marketing Forum (or Consumer Forum) will exceed my expectations; and with each conference I attend my expectations increase. Okay, so the evidence for my unabashed enthusiasm? My collection… Continue reading Forrester Marketing Forum 2008

Open Social Kumbaya: Pass the API, please

Well honestly, the name Open Social sounds a bit more 1962 than web2.0…I am thinking church social and maybe Aunt Bee serving up the Kool-Aid and announcing in simple to understand terms, “everyone that joins our social will share the same hymnal .” The announcement from MySpace for the Open Social went like this:” Our… Continue reading Open Social Kumbaya: Pass the API, please